Movework support triage system

Let AI triage your support tickets.

Moveworks routes complicated support requests to the right expert or group — with 96% accuracy.

Moveworks intelligently handles support ticket triage

Custom machine learning built for your team.

Using a bespoke machine learning model created for every single customer, our platform learns to distinguish between thousands of assignment groups. Now, issues start getting solved the moment they’re submitted.

5 hrs 30 sec

Let your employees skip the queue.

On average, L1 service desks take 5 hours to read and then route employees’ support issues. But Moveworks automatically sends each issue to the correct assignment group within 30 seconds.

Our platform makes your queue disappear. Employees spend less time waiting for help — and more time on what matters.


Accurate triaging with AI

More accurate than an agent.

Service desk agents have to remember hundreds or even thousands of assignment groups, which means that misrouted tickets are inevitable.

This is a problem made for machine learning. Our custom classification models are 96% accurate at routine tickets, and they never stop improving.


Unlock seven-figure savings.

Every issue that Moveworks routes is work saved for the service desk. For large companies, that frees up millions of dollars to reallocate toward high impact projects.

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